Al Swaiqa – About Us

The name Al-Swaiqa goes back to the Al-Swaiqa neighborhood in the city of Aleppo, which is an old market whose construction dates back to the Byzantine period in the fifth century AD. Al-Swaiqa has played an important commercial role since the eighteenth century, as it represented a gathering of the city’s major merchants. It contains several inns and commercial stores.

Since the 1950s, Al-Swaiqa has specialized in selling wooden household utensils and has recently expanded to include the sale of all types of household utensils and ceramics, as well as toys.
Today, we have adopted the name Al-Swaiqa because of its emotional impact related to the type of products that we specialize in selling, and we are committed to maintaining the good reputation that came thanks to the low prices, high quality, and wide range of our products.